What is Duplicate SEO and How it Damages your Website Rankings

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In the world of Google rankings and SEO, several websites are looking at different content creation avenues to boost their visibility on the SERP. However, with this comes the additional baggage of duplicate content. While creating and publishing content is one of the most popular and effective expert SEO tips in Arizona, some issues curtail or even diminish progress.

What is Duplicate Content and How it Affects your Website

In a haste to create and publish content, many companies end up duplicating content, that is, taking identical content from a website. In simple terms, it is when the same word-to-word content can be found on multiple URLs.

While in some cases, it is external, when one site copies and content of another domain unethically, most times, it’s internal. Here, the website publishes identical content from a site or page of the same domain to another.

Duplicate SEO Content

However, the problem with this is that it negatively affects all involved domains. Since no ‘distinct’ material exists on the indexed page, the algorithm needs clarification as to which page should get ranked higher. Hence, the search engine filters out the duplicated material, reducing SERP rankings significantly.

Difference Between Repetitive and Duplicate Content

While fundamentally, repetitive and duplicate are synonymous, in the SEO world, they’re different. The key difference between the two is that repetitive content is ‘zoned’.

This means that the same content is repeated in different zones to add significance to the website. It includes brand logos, headers, and footers. It is ‘harmless’ duplicate content since it adds value and does not take away from the site’s originality.

Examples of Duplicate Content

Checking for duplicate content is the best utilization of SEO tools in Arizona. While there are several examples of duplicate content on the internet, you might find a few typical forms. Some of the most common ones include

  • Generic and identical e-commerce products across several websites
  • Duplication of the same content across several web pages on the same site
  • Multiple web pages selling similar services or products
  • Ownership of several domains to sell the same product
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How to Avoid Duplicate Content?

Removing duplicate content is one of the best SEO tools to drive traffic for websites in Arizona. Since such content can cause your ratings to go down, it is ideal for eliminating all forms of duplicate content.

  • Never copy your content from an existing page
  • Publish authentic data or paraphrasing existing can’t; instead, paraphrase 
  • Do not use the same links and metadata
  • Individualized your page to pass through the filters
  • If a page already exists and you want to use it for your domain, redirect the URL 
  • For affiliate URLs, refer to the original page’s URL using a canonical link
  • Use new target keywords and opt for strategic placements

Final Words

While creating content is the best way to boost SEO, avoid duplicate content. If not, it will reduce your SEO and put your brand’s authenticity and image at stake.

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