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SEO or search engine optimization plays a major role in driving traffic, clicks, and sales for your website. Proper Search engine optimization can either make or break your website. It can put your website on top of everyone’s mind or let it be on the 10th page of the Google search. Brandon Lederer Arizona SEO Service is here to make your website the top of all.

Here are the Best 6 SEO Tools to Get More Clicks, Increase Traffic and Sales:

These 6 tools from Brandon Lederer Arizona will keep your website on the top of everyone’s mind. 

1. Google Analytics

Brandon Lederer’s Digital Marketing Agency provides Google analytics, it is the best source to gather high quality and comprehensive information to improve the SEO. It allows the tracking of information and data of your visitors and site. It keeps track of activities such as page views,  transactions, and events.

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2. SEMrush

Digital Marketing Expert Brandon Lederer Arizona suggests using SEMrush as it is one of the best SEO tools for your website. It not only provides high-quality data but also identifies issues that are not allowing your website to achieve the best results. Along with conducting a deep analysis it also goes for the right keywords for SEO. 

3. SpyFu

Brandon Lederer’s SEO Services also include Google analytics, it is the best source to gather high quality SpyFu, as the name suggests it spies on the competitor’s website to keep a check on their campaigns for SEO. It also aids in tracking the ads and competitors PPC strategies. SpuFu is the most powerful tool for keyword research.

4. QuestionDB

It is important to realize the type of content people are looking for on your website. Sometimes it becomes difficult to crack the content, Brandon Lederer’s Digital Marketing Agency has a solution for this. QuestionDB tool easily perceives the questions that real people ask about the subject matter. This helps in creating relevant content for your website. 

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5. VidIQ Software

Just the content won’t work for a website to generate sales and traffic. To increase traffic on your website Digital Marketing Expert Brandon Lederer Arizona suggests building awareness of the brand through videos. VidIQ can make it easier t create a loyal fanbase, collaboration with influencers, and enhance brand affinity. It is an SEO software that will help you to research video keywords along with video optimization. 

6. Whitespark

The ultimate goal of your website is to get customers, Brandon Lederer SEO Services will do that for you!. This is possible by the white spark SEO tool, this tool enables you to discover citation opportunities, and it also observes your local and organic performance. This will lead to better results as customers will review your business easily.

Brandon Lederer’s Digital Marketing Agency provides these tools to create your website as a leading brand in the market. I hope this blog helped you to channel your website and make changes to build your website according to SEO tools provided by Brandon Lederer Arizona SEO Services.

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