How to Recover your Lost SEO Traffic?

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Ever since the advent of digital marketing, the importance of SEO has gone through the roof. They have undergone immeasurable changes to influence all sorts of brand awareness. However, staying updated on these changes can be extremely difficult and eventually bring about new challenges like the loss of SEO traffic. During such cases, it is essential to remember that the loss can be due to any number of reasons which need to be pinpointed and dealt with. Following are some of the primary reasons behind losing visitors to your site and how to recover from them.

1. Technical Changes

The first and most common reason behind lost SEO traffic is the technical changes that your site underwent within the last few weeks. This may include something as big as significant front-end changes or something minimal as adding a new back-end feature. Such sudden changes in SEO tools in Arizona, indexation issues, and lack of service maintenance can also lead to conflicts and traffic drops. You can go back, undo the changes, and restore the previous version.

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2. Competitors Changes

These days hundreds of competitors devote their sites to specific fields of expertise. This sort of healthy competition on the web motivates sites to keep improving their page. This is common in all internet marketing services Arizona has to offer. Now, the moment that your page is losing traffic, there is a high probability that one of your competitors is gaining them. The best way to deal with this is to find out which one is suddenly profiting and why. Keep an eye out for changes in niche and keywords by them.

3. Optimization On-Page

On-page optimization includes factors like Meta data, related links, and content quality. This help in creating some of the best SEO traffic for website in Arizona as they help determine how relevant your site is. Therefore, keep your titles, description, and content authentic and present an unbiased opinion on the product or service in question. Moreover, using long paragraphs, excessive ads, and pop-ups can also lead to diminished SEO traffic and should be avoided.

4. Irrelevant Backlinks

According to the experts in social media marketing Arizona has to offer, using relevant backlinks dramatically improves the performance of sites. However, sometimes these links turn out to be unnatural spam links which are now being targeted, filtered, and blocked specifically by Google since July 2021. This can cause a fall in your site’s ranking and loss of SEO traffic, and the only way out is to scan your backlink profile with reliable software.

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5. Keyword Variation

Keywords are integral to any site, including primary, secondary, and long-tail key phrases. Each keyword has its respective ranking based on how relevant they are to the topic of discussion. Now, a single variation in these can lead to sudden drops. According to expert SEO tips Arizona, the way to recover from this is to compare keywords via Google search console and analytics.


The success of any website is directly related to this SEO traffic. Naturally, even a slight drop in this can feel like a big blow. Nevertheless, keeping an eye out for the above-mentioned issues and following the recovery techniques can help get things up and running.

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