5 Best SEO Tools for 2022 to Become an Expert Fast

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In today’s world, if you don’t have a social media or search engine optimized presence, your company can easily be drowned out by the competition. Learning how to work SEO and making use of the best social media marketing agency in Scottsdale, AZ (especially) can work in your favor in more ways than one. Not only do SEO-friendly companies have high conversion rates, but they are also able to build fruitful relationships with their customers. Let’s take a look at 5 tools that, when incorporated, will push your company to being the top name for digital marketing services in Scottsdale, AZ.

1. Keyword Idea Tools

The primary idea behind SEO is to target the words most commonly searched for, then use the same to your advantage, strategically driving traffic to your site. For this, you need to know what these keywords are in the first place. Without using the appropriate keywords, trying to create SEO content would be redundant. Some websites/apps that allow you to search for the most relevant keyword topics are Answer the Public, Keyword Generator, KeywordTool, and UberSuggest.

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2. Analytical Tools for Webpage Data

Various companies offer tools for data analysis of your webpage. These are necessary to consistently check your statistics, including page views, conversion rates, clicks, and so on. Why is it important to check your analytics? That’s because it helps you get an idea of what’s working, what has the potential to work better, and what’s not working at all. It allows you to align your time, money, and resources on these parts. Some great apps for this are Google Analytics, Open Web Analytics, Moz Link Explorer, SimilarWeb, and Matomo. Apps like Glimpse and Treendly allow you to check overall trends in content.

3. SERP Review Tools

SERPs or search engine results pages are what we see upon typing something into the search bar. A typical preview of a result on this page consists of the page title, the meta description (a 160-character preview of your blog/article/webpage/etc), and sometimes other generic components as well. SERP previewers allow you to see what your meta description and title would look like on a results page. SERPSim and Portent’s SERP Review Tool are great options for the same. SERP Robot allows you to check your standing on the results page.

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4. SEO Content Review Tools

There are quite a lot of websites and apps wherein you can feed in your text and the system will tell you how well it is or isn’t optimized for search engines. It looks at keyword density, ease of reading, outbound and inbound link density and authenticity, and other factors that are important to consider in SEO. Some eminent SEO content review apps are Yoast SEO, All In One SEO Pack, and the SEO Framework, among others.

5. Tools to Check Device-Friendliness

A large part of SEO is the content put forth, but a marketing expert in Scottsdale, Arizona, and other places will tell you that that’s not all there is to it. Your webpage needs to be user-friendly on all devices – mobile phones, tablets as well as desktop computers, and laptops. There are tools to check how device-friendly your webpage really is and how well it works on all devices. There are the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Moz’s Domain SEO Analysis Tool, Small SEO Tools Mobile-Friendly Test, SEO Site Checkup, Google PageSpeed Insights, and GTMetrix, among others.

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