Best Instagram Marketing Tips from Brandon Lederer Arizona

Best Instagram Marketing Tips in AZ

Since its debut in 2012, Instagram has been a go-to platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Its potential not just as a marketing tool but a platform for initiating conversations has helped it win over billions of active users. Due to these reasons, online marketing in Scottsdale, Arizona, is steadily moving towards this photo-sharing app for aid. However, Instagram marketing requires much more than a steady internet connection. Following are some of the best Instagram marketing tips in AZ.

Top 7 Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Create a Business Profile

The first step towards efficiently using Instagram for social media marketing Arizona is switching to a business profile. While it is a common belief that Instagram algorithms are more inclined towards personal profiles, there are certain advantages of taking the leap. It allows users to access insights and insert a contact button. Moreover, it will also allow adding daily advertisements and promoted posts.

2. Don’t Try too Hard to Make a Sale

Instagram, at its core, has been a moments-sharing platform where people come to know how their family and friends are doing and, sometimes, to learn something new. So, naturally, they will not pay much heed to posts solely aimed at making a sale. To get out of this little pickle, create content emphasizing product benefits, discounts, and coupon codes. Adding teasers into the mix can help build the suspense without seeming too pushy.

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3. Make Sure to Use Hashtags

What is a social media post without a hashtag? According to SEO trends in Arizona, innovative custom hashtags are the fastest and most effective way of broadening the reach. For instance, consider the hashtag #itgivesyouwings, created years ago by Red Bull for nothing more than promotional purposes. Today, however, it is included in more than 20K posts, some of which have nothing to do with the drink but are helping bring in business.

4. Focus on User-Generated Content

While it might sound unusual, marketing is not just about making a sale. It is equally important to focus on your target audience. Repost pictures and videos of customers showing off the products. Moreover, according to the expert SEO tips by Brandon Lederer, Arizona engaging users with contests and giveaways can help tweak things in one’s favor.

5. Partner Up with Influencers

In the case of marketing, there is no better way than being able to communicate one’s thoughts. This is why these days, the most up-and-coming way of marketing is partnering up with influencers. Their ability to reduce the gap between a pressing need and a plausible solution has made them one of the best campaigners per the internet marketing services in Arizona.

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6. Keep Track of the Instagram Analytics

It is hardly a trade secret that statistics is the best way to monitor progress. Just pick the right metrics that match your goals. For instance, if the goal is to focus on the target audience, the focus is on the followers, likes, impressions, etc. Similarly, to access the engagement level of the content, then track the comments, saves, and website clicks.

7. Interaction is the Key

Whether you are selling a new product or something with an already existing market, consumers will have queries. Spending quality time answering these questions and clearing doubts can lead to impressive growth. Moreover, it is also a meaningful and positive way of attracting attention to your profile and is often reciprocated with likes and follows.


Nowadays, when it comes to eCommerce, Instagram has undoubtedly become a go-to option, and its beauty is that it demands a minimal budget. As entrepreneurs, all you gotta do is follow the tips mentioned above and check out the best SEO tools for website in Arizona.

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