How to Rank your WordPress Website on Google

5 Simple Ways to Boost SEO on your WordPress Website

Digital Marketing Expert Brandon Lederer

One of the factors you choose WordPress as your site’s CMS could have been that you heard it’s SEO-friendly right out of the box. Indeed, WordPress is glad of the platform’s SEO-friendliness, as seen by its very own list of ‘special attributes’ on its website.

However, merely building a WordPress site isn’t enough to get your site to the top of search engines. You’ll still have to know which SEO methods to utilize as well as how to put them into action, as suggested by the Digital Marketing Expert, Brandon Lederer, but the bonus is that WordPress makes it simple to do so, making it possible for newbies to increase their Google exposure.

Let’s look at some ways provided by Brandon Lederer SEO expert to boost SEO on your WordPress Website:

Make Sure the Website’s Visibility Settings are Right

WordPress allows you to ‘dissuade search engines from crawling your website, effectively preventing it from ranking. This is a typical technique used by programmers to prevent a site from getting indexed whilst it is still under construction. This barrier is more frequent than you might imagine being left in position after launch.

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Select a Reliable Web Hosting Company

You have to ensure your site is hosted by a reputable company – site performance, uptime, and privacy are all important factors to consider when choosing a host. The performance of any WordPress site has a serious influence on its SEO effectiveness, and both low availability and security weaknesses can lead to site quality problems. Don’t be lured to go with the cheapest deal because you’ll be more likely to have problems with efficiency.

Install a WordPress Theme That is SEO-Friendly.

One can almost possibly see the platform’s default ‘Twenty Twenty’ theme when they initially download WordPress. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to use it for the website.

There are simply tons of free templates and many other premium templates available at the moment from the dashboard; however, you have to choose wisely or you may end up utilizing one that isn’t SEO compatible.

Set Your Favorite Domain

Your SEO will be unaffected by whether you want the or as the desired domain, but you must ensure that your site is available on only one of them, as Google considers these to be distinct URLs.

After that, the other site will be routed to your desired domain. If you’re creating a new site, you can use an either alternative, but if you’re updating an existing one, make sure to stick with the edition you’ve always used.

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Conduct Keyword Research

You won’t know the searching terms to optimize your blog content unless you conduct keyword analysis. Keywords should have been the first step in any SEO effort, as they will help you design your site’s content and on-page performance.

Understanding the phrases you’re seeking to rank the site for is critical if you’re starting from zero or adding new material to the site.


You’ll be in an excellent position to outrank your opponents if you follow the procedures above by Brandon Lederer Digital Marketing Agency.

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